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of Rex 510 Vape Cartridge was added to your cart. Rex 510 Vape Cartridge was added to your cart.

Note: Vape cartridges require the 510 Thread Battery to operate
To ensure availability for all patients, MedReleaf vape cartridge orders will be limited to 10 cartridges every 30-day ordering period
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Rex 510 Vape Cartridge
THC 700-780 mg/g
CBD <15 mg/g

About Rex 510 Vape Cartridge

Product Category



Rex 510 Vape Cartridge contains 500 mg of premium resin extracted from our top-selling, highly flavourful Rex flower. We use a proprietary CO2 extraction method which retains the original plant terpenes, resulting in a full-spectrum resin with the same terpene profile as Rex dried flower. We do not add any fillers or dilutive agents*. Our high-quality resin is encased in a glass and stainless-steel cartridge that uses a porous ceramic technology and no solder, providing a safer, portable vape experience. Our vape cartridge is compatible with most 510-thread batteries.


Battery sold separately.



100% cannabis-plant-derived, CO2-extracted THC-rich resin.


*MedReleaf vape products are independently tested to confirm no vitamin E acetate additives are used.


Price: $54.00
Total mg:
Subtotal: $300.00

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